Amazing walk in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Amazing walk in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatian landscape

Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Karlovac, Croatia. The park is amazing, with its waterfalls, lakes, and caves. There are three main entrances to the park, particularly P1, P2 or P3 entrance. You can walk through the park in 8 different routes. The park visit also consists of fascinating ferryboat rides, and museum visits.

Read the article and explore the highlights of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and its myriads of natural wonders.

The highlights of the National Park

  • Walk through the park: The walks may take from 1 hour to 4 hours, according to the trails you choose to follow. Enjoy the panoramic landscape and take pictures at several viewpoints inside the park.
  • Waterfall visits: There are many picturesque waterfalls inside Plitvice Lake National Park. The largest one is Veliki Slap.
  • Cave exploration: The park hosts several caves from the upper part of the park to the south.
  • Ferryboat rides: You can enjoy sailing on a ferryboat across the Kozjak lower lakes.
  • Hike to the highest peaks: The park hosts excellent trails for hiking and walking. Climb on V. Kik or M. Kik at the Zuta strana, which has respectively a high of 1085m and 1005m above sea level.
  • Visit a Nature Reserve: You can have fun at the Rastoke leisure and nature reserve, and visit the Rastoke museum.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is endowed with several natural wonders, including waterfalls and caves.

Waterfalls and caves inside Peltvice Lakes National Park

  • Veliki Slap is the largest waterfall inside the park. It is located at the west of the Piltvica village, and at the east of the Novakovica brod water. There are 3 smaller waterfalls around the Veliki Slap. You can have a great view of the spectacular landscape a little bit at the west of the waterfall. The entrance to a small cave is just near the waterfall.
  • Velike kaskade, which is a large waterfall near the Kaluderovac water.
  • Cave Supljara: The 2 caves are just at the east of the Velike kaskade.
  • Slap Milke Trnine: Go down southward past the Gavanovac water, and see the Slap Milke Trnine waterfall. A small cave is located near the waterfall.
  • Milanovacki slap: Follow the trail to the south by passing through the Milanovac water.
  • Veliki Prstavac and Mali Prstavac: These wateralls are located near the Milinovo jezero water, just at the east of the Lake Grandisko. You can have a magnificent view of the scenic landscape on the lakeshore.
  • Schatz am Silbersee: Follow the trail into the south and you see Galovac water before you see several other waterfalls. Schatz am Silbersee is among them.
  • Jarkuse waterfall is located on the edge of the Okrugljak water, among other waterfalls.
  • Other waterfalls: Many other waterfalls are located in the eastern part of the park, along the Korana River, from the Kosovi Hamlet to the Slunjcica River in the south, near the Novo Selo village.

Accommodation inside the Park

The park is endowed with comfortable, cozy guest houses:

  • B&B Villa Nena, which is located near the Veliki Slap, by the Piltvica riverside.
  • Rustic Inn River, Apartment Soric, and Pension House Prijeboj, which are located near the Prijeboj village. The guesthouses are accessible by bus.
  • Guest House Konçar, Plitvice Cottage Iggy and Guest House Mila, which inside the park.

Tips and recommendations

It is advisable to put your map in a waterproof map case. That is to keep it from the water during the waterfall visit. For more information about the park, go to the National Park Plitvice Lakes Information Board at Most Korana Street, D429, from Seliste Dreznicko, which is in the northern part of the Park.

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