Image Croatia's primitive beech forests of the Carpathians

Croatia's primitive beech forests of the Carpathians

The primeval beech forests in the Republic of Croatia have been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage. The Carpathians preserves the last complete virgin forest in Croatia and 9 countries in Europe. These Carpathians permit trees to live longer, even to a hundred years, supplying a living place for organisms such as mushrooms, lichens, and rare birds. Expanding and reinforcing conservation areas preserve the diversity and natural beauty of the virgin forests in the Croatian Carpathians.

The conservation effort is also made for future generations. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world go to the primeval beech forests of the Carpathians in Croatia to spend their holidays, to camp and even to hunt. Groups of students also visit the sites for their research. Where are the Croatian Carpathians located? What should you know about them?

The Croatian Carpathians

The beech forests of the Carpathians are situated in reserves and in vast forested areas. In Croatia, the Carpathians forests encompass three spacious ancient areas, including the Northern Velebit National Park, the Paklenica National Park, and the large forested areas of Suava Draga.

  •  The Velebit National Park: The Carpathians forests are found in the strict reserves of Hajducki and Rozanski Kukovi. The beech forests cover approximately 1,290 hectares. You can reach the site by boat or by car.
  •  The Paklenica National Park: The primeval beech forests of the Carpathians are situated in Javornik.
  •  Suava Draga: The beech forested area covers about 2,032 hectares in Klimenta and Oglavinovac.

Accommodations in the Croatian Carpathians

If you want to spend your summer holidays in the Nature, the Croatian Carpathians is the right place for you. With its scenic landscape and cool breeze, it is an ideal site for camping, hunting and relaxing. Where to stay? There are many possible accommodations to choose from, whether it is your stay at an apartment, a holiday house, a lodge, a campsite, a studio, a hotel, or even at a student's residence. Here are a few camping sites suggestions for you:

  •  Near Paklenica: Paklenica, Starigrad Paklenica: It is located in a pine forest next to the Hotel Alan.
  •  Near the Velebit National Park: Campsite Velebit: perfect for hiking, mountain bike riding or just sightseeing. The campsite is equipped with a kitchen, showers, and a washing machine. Pets are welcome. Many forms of accommodations are available. But you can contact us on Opodo for the most suitable offer for you.

Useful information for the explorers of the Croatian Carpathians

  •  If you choose to stay at a camping site, you may consider such criteria as sanitary facilities, entertainment, restaurants and bars.
  •  The park entrance fee price depends on the length of your visit at the park, and whether you come to visit as an individual or in groups. Check the park entrance fee before visiting because the fee may be subject to change. Discounts may apply if you combine trip guidance (half or full-day guidance) with multi-medial presentation. A 50 % discount applies on ticket price at Velebit National Park for certified pensioners, elderly people and children over 7.
  •  The best time to visit the park is from May to November.

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